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Publications 2011

  1. "Proton transfer and autoionization in HNO3•HCl•(H2O)n particles"
    M. Balci, N. Uras-Aytemiz, P.C. Gómez and R. Escribano.
    CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 13, 18145-18153 (2011).

  2. "Spectroscopic investigation of nitric acid monohydrate"
    P. Baloh, H. Grothe, K. Whitmore, S.F. Parker, B. Martín Llorente and R. Escribano.

    MOLECULAR PHYSICS 109, 2083-2093 (2011).

  3. "Spectroscopic Observation of Gas-Phase Carbonic Acid Isolated in Matrix"
    J. Bernard, M. Seidl, I. Kohl, K.R. Liedl, E. Mayer, O. Gálvez, H. Grothe and T. Loerting.


  4. "Counting of fermions and spins in strongly correlated systems in and out of thermal equilibrium "
    S. Braungardt, M. Rodríguez, A. Sen(De), U. Sen, R. J. Glauber, and M. Lewenstein.

    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 83, 013601 (2011).

  5. "Atom counting in expanding ultracold clouds "
    S. Braungardt, M. Rodríguez, A. Sen(De), U. Sen, and M. Lewenstein.

    PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 84, 043635 (2011).

  6. "Neutral and ion chemistry in low pressure DC plasmas of H2/N2 mixtures: Routes for the efficient production of NH3 and NH4+"
    E. Carrasco, M. Jiménez-Redondo, I. Tanarro, V. J. Herrero.

    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 13(43), 19561-19572 (2011).

  7. "Rotation-Induced Breakdown of Torsional Quantum Control"
    L. H. Coudert, L. F. Pacios, and J. Ortigoso.

    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 107, 113004 (2011).

  8. "CORRECTION TO Direct determination of state-to-state rotational energy transfer rate constants via a Raman-Raman double resonance technique: ortho-acetylene in v2=1 at 155 K, J. Chem. Phys. 132, 154303 (2010)"
    J. L. Doménech, R. Z. Martínez
    , Á. Ramos and D. Bermejo.
    J. CHEM. PHYS. 134, 139902 (2011)

  9. "HDO infrared detection sensitivity and D/H isotopic exchange in amorphous and crystalline ice"
    Oscar Gálvez, Belén Maté, V. J. Herrero, and Rafael Escribano.

    THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 738, 133, (2011).

  10. "High order armonic genration from metal plasmas using 1 kHz laser pulses"
    R. A Ganeev, C. Hutchison T. Siegel, M. E. López-Arias, A. Zair, and J. P. Marangos.
    JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS 58, 819-824 (2011).

  11. "Effect of the gaseous environment and water content on seed viability of four Brassicaceae species after 36 years storage"
    M.E. González-Benito, F. Pérez-García, G. Tejeda and C. Gómez-Campo.
    SEED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 39, 443-451 (2011).

  12. "New insights on the Au-core/Pt-shell nanoparticle structure in the sub-monolayer range: SERS as a surface analyzing tool"
    L. Guerrini, E. Lopez-Tobar, J.V. Garcia-Ramos, C. Domingo, S. Sanchez-Cortes.

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 47(11), 3174-3176 (2011).

  13. "Can quasicalssical trajectory calculations reproduce i.e. extreme kinetic isotope effect observed in the muonic isotopologues of the H+H2 reactions?"
    P. G. Jambrina, E. García, V. J Herrero, V. Sáez-Rábanos ans F. J. Aoiz.

    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 135, 034310 (2011).

  14. "Isotopic exchange processes in cold plasmas of H2/D2 mixtures"
    M. Jiménez-Redondo, E. Carrasco, Víctor J. Herrero, I. Tanarro.
    CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 13, 9655 – 9666 (2011).

  15. "High-Performance Solution of Hierarchical Equations of Motion for Studying Energy Transfer in Light-Harvesting Complexes"
    C. Kreisbeck, T. Kramer, M. Rodríguez, B. Hein.

  16. "Time-resolved study of crystallization in deeply cooled liquid para-hydrogen"
    M. Kühnel, J. M. Fernández, G. Tejeda, A. Kalinin, S. Montero, R. E. Grisenti.

    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 106(24), 245301 (2011).

  17. "High resolution infrared and Raman spectroscopy of ?2 and associated combination and hot bands of 13C12CD2"
    G. Di Lonardo, L. Fusina, A. Baldan, R. Z. Martínez, and D. Bermejo.

    MOL. PHYS. 109, 2533 (2011).

  18. "Infrared study of solid glycine in environments of astrophysical relevance"
    Belén Maté, Yamilet Rodríguez-Lazcano, Oscar Gálvez, Isabel Tanarro, and Rafael Escribano.

    PHYS. CHEM. CHEM. PHYS. 13 (26), 12268 – 12276 (2011).

  19. "Morphologies of nanostructured TiO2 doped with F on Ti-6Al-4V alloy"
    E. Matykina, J.M. Hernandez-Lopez, A. Conde, C. Domingo, J.J. Damborenea, M.A. Arenas.

    ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 56 (5), 2221-2229 (2011).

  20. "The v5 band of 12CH313CH3: High resolution stimulated Raman spectrum and global three band analysis"
    N. Moazzen-Ahmadi, R. Z. Martínez and D. Bermejo.

    J. MOL. SPECTROSC. 269, 151 (2011).

  21. "Formate Ion: Structure and Spectroscopic Properties"
    M. A. Moreno, O. Galvez, B. Mate, V.J. Herrero, R. Escribano.

    JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 115(1), 70-75 (2011).

  22. "Structural and optical properties of tellurite thin film glasses deposited by pulsed laser deposition"
    D. Muñoz-Martin, J. M. Fernandez-Navarro, J. Gonzalo, G. Jose, A. Jha, J. L. G. Fierro, C. Domingo, J. Garcia-Lopez.

    THIN SOLID FILMS 520, 131-137 (2011).

  23. "Structural origin of the nonlinear optical properties of lead niobium germanate film glasses"
    D. Muñoz-Martin, A. Ruiz de la Cruz, J. M. Fernandez-Navarro, J. Solis, J. Gonzalo, C. Domingo.
    J. APPL. PHYS, 110, 023522 (2011).

  24. "Theoretical pathways towards experimental quantum simulators"
    A. Niederberger, S. Braungardt, U. Ebling, T. Grass, P. Hauke, A. Kubasiak, A. Zamora, R. Augusiak, O. Dutta, E. Szirmai, M. Ciappina, F. M. Cucchietti, A. Eckardt, J. K. Korbicz, G. J. Lapeyre, G. Szirmai, L. Tagliacozzo, M. Rodríguez, P. Massignan, M. Lewenstein.
    OPT. PURA APL. 44, 333-345 (2011).

  25. "Ab initio Study of Hydroxyl Torsional Barriers and Molecular Properties of Mono- and Di-iodotyrosine"
    L. F. Pacios, P. C. Gómez and O. Gálvez.
    THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, 115 (45), 12616-12623 (2011).

  26. "Inelastic collisions in molecular oxygen at low temperature (4 < T < 34 K). Close-coupling calculations versus experiment"
    J. Pérez-Ríos, G. Tejeda, J. M. Fernández, M. I. Hernández, S. Montero.

    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 134, 174307 (2011).

  27. "Photodissociation of pyrrole-ammonia clusters by velocity map imaging: mechanism for the H-atom transfer reaction"
    L. Rubio-Lago, G. A. Amaral, A. N. Oldani, J. D. Rodríguez, M. G. González, G. A. Pino, and L. Bañares

  28. "A slice imaging and multisurface wave packet studyof the photodissociation of CH3I at 304 nm"
    L. Rubio-Lago, J. D. Rodríguez, A. García Vela, M. G. González, G. A. Amaral and L. Bañares.

  29. "Solution SERS of an insoluble synthetic organic pigment-quinacridone quinone-employing calixarenes as dispersive cavitands"
    E. del Puerto, S. Sanchez-Cortes, J.V. Garcia-Ramos, C. Domingo.

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 47(6), 1854-1856 (2011).

  30. "Tailored particle current in an optical lattice by a weak time-symmetric harmonic potential"
    J. Santos
    , R. A. Molina, J. Ortigoso, M. Rodríguez.

    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023614 (2011).

  31. "Large effects of small pressure changes in the kinetics of low pressure glow discharges"
    Isabel Tanarro, Víctor J. Herrero.

  32. "Cold plasma chemistry and diagnostics"
    Isabel Tanarro, Víctor J. Herrero, E. Carrasco, M. Jiménez-Redondo.
    VACUUM 85, 1120-1124 (2011).

  33. "Collisional line widths of autoperturbed N2: Measurements and quantum calculations"
    F. Thibault, R. Z. Martínez, D. Bermejo and L. Gómez.
    J. QUANT SPECTROSC. RADIAT. TRANSFER 112, 2542 (2011).

  34. "Plasma, el cuarto estado de la materia"
    Teresa de los Arcos e Isabel Tanarro.

    Colección: “¿Que sabemos de?”, nº 21.
    Editoriales: CSIC – Catarata (2011).
    ISBN: 978-84-00-09303-7 (CSIC), 978-84-8319-594-9 (Catarata).

  35. "Láseres y Nanotecnologías para el Patrimonio Cultural (LANAPAC)"
    M. Castillejo, C. Domingo, S. Martínez, M. Oujja.
    “Ciencia y Tecnología para la Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural”,
    M.A. Rogelio Candelera, C. Saiz Jimenez (Eds.),
    IRNAS-CSIC, Madrid (2011).
    ISBN.: 978-84-694-6137-2, pp. 27-30.

  36. "Técnicas de espectroscopía Raman aplicadas en Conservación"
    C. Domingo.
    “La Ciencia y el Arte III”,
    M. del Egido, D. Juanes (Eds.),
    IPCE, MCU, Madrid (2011), p 67-81.