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Publications 2010

  1. "Imaging the radical channel in acetaldehyde photodissociation: Competing mechanisms at enenrgies close to the triplet exit barrier"
    G. A. Amaral, A. Arregui, M. Rubio-Lago, J. D. Rodríguez and L. Bañares.
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 133, 064303 (2010).

  2. "Direct determination of state-to-state rotational energy transfer rate constants via a Raman-Raman double resonance technique:ortho-acetylene in v2=1 at 155 K"
    J.L. Doménech, R.Z. Martínez, A. Ramos, D. Bermejo.
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 132, 154303 (2010).

  3. "Ammonium and formate ions in interstellar ice analogs"
    O. Gálvez, B. Maté, V. J. Herrero and R. Escribano.
    ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 724, 539 (2010).  

  4. "Clusters of atmospheric relevance: H2O/CHl/HNO3. Prediction of IR&MW spectra".
    P.C. Gómez, O.Gálvez, R.G. Mosteo, C. Puzzarini and R. Escribano.

  5. "Ultrathin silver-coated gold nanoparticles as suitable substrate for surface-enhanced Raman scattering".
    L. Guerrini, J.V. Garcia-Ramos, C. Domingo, S. Sanchez-Cortes.

    JOURNAL OF RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY 41(5), 508-515 (2010).  

  6. "alpha,omega-Aliphatic Diamines as Molecular Linkers for Engineering Ag Nanoparticle
    Clusters: Tuning of the Interparticle Distance and Sensing Application".

    L. Guerrini, I. Izquierdo-Lorenzo, R. Rodriguez-Oliveros, J.A. Sanchez-Gil, S. Sanchez- Cortes, J.V. Garcia-Ramos, C. Domingo.

    PLASMONICS 5(3), 273-286 (2010).

  7. "Interatomic Coulombic Decay following Photoionization of the Helium Dimer: Observation of Vibrational Structure " T. Havermeier, T. Jahnke, K. Kreidi, R. Wallauer, S. Voss, M. Schöffler, S. Schössler, L.
    Foucar, N. Neumann, J. Titze, H. Sann, M. Kühnel, J. Voigtsberger, J. H. Morilla, W.
    Schöllkopf, H. Schmidt-Böcking, R. E. Grisenti, and R. Dörner.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 104, 133401 (2010).

  8. "Interaction of CH4 and H2O in ice mixtures ".
    V.J. Herrero , O. Gálvez, B. Mate, R. Escribano.

  9. "Reaction dynamics of the D+ + H-2 system. A comparison of theoretical approaches".
    P.G. Jambrina, J.M. Alvariño, F.J. Aoiz, V.J. Herrero, V. Sáez-Rábanos.
    PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 12(39), 12591-12603 (2010) .

  10. "Extractionless non-hydrolysis surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopic detection of historical mordant dyes on textile fibers".
    Z. Jurasekova, E. del Puerto, G. Bruno, J. V. García-Ramos, S. Sanchez-Cortes, C. Domingo.
    JOURNAL OF RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY (2010), DOI: 10.1002/jrs.2651.

  11. "Structure and Characterization of Vertically Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Bundles."
    F. Marquez-Linares, V. Lopez, C. Morant, R. Roque-Malherbe, C. Domingo, E. Elizalde, F. Zamora.
    JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS Volume 2010, Article ID 189214, 7 pages.(2010).

  12. "On the ionic chemistry in DC cold plasmas of H2 with Ar"
    I. Méndez, I. Tanarro,V.J. Herrero.

  13. "The onset of molecular condensation: Hydrogen"
    J.H. Morilla, J.M. Fernández, G. Tejeda, and S. Montero .

  14. "Long-lasting molecular alignment: Fact or fiction? ".
    J. Ortigoso, M. Rodriguez, J. Santos, A. Karpati, V. Szalay.
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 132, 074105 (2010).

  15. "CaF2 ablation plumes as a source of CaF molecules for armonic generation".
    M. Oujja, R. de Nalda, M. López-Arias, R. Torres, J. P. Marangos, and M. Castillejo.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 81, 043841 (2010).

  16. "Analytical Spectroscopic Investigation of Wavelength and Pulse Duration Effects on Laser- Induced Changes of Egg-Yolk-Based Tempera Paints ".
    M. Oujja, P. Pouli, C. Domingo, C. Fotakis, M. Castillejo.
    APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY 64 (5), 528-536 (2010).

  17. "Active Site, Catalytic Cycle, and Iodination Reactions of Vanadium Iodoperoxidase: A Computational Study".
    L.F. Pacios, O. Gálvez.

  18. "Micro-Raman characterization of Zn-diffused channel waveguides in Tm3+:LiNbO3".
    M. Quintanilla , E.M. Rodriguez, E. Cantelar, F. Cusso, C. Domingo.
    OPTICS EXPRESS 18, 5449-5458 (2010).

  19. "Non-Equilibrium Processes in Supersonic Jets of N2, H2, and N2+H2 Mixtures: (II) Shock Waves".
    A. Ramos, G. Tejeda, J.M. Fernández, S. Montero.
    JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 114, 7761-7768 (2010).

  20. "Plasma diagnostics and device properties of AlGaN/GaN HEMT passivated with SiN deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD)".
    M. F. Romero, M. M. Sanz, I. Tanarro, A. Jiménez, E. Muñoz.

  21. "Femtosecond laser deposition of TiO2 by laser induced forward transfer".
    M. Sanz, M. Walczak, M. Oujja, C. Domingo, A. Klini, E. Papadopoulou, C. Fotakis, M. Castillejo.
    THIN SOLID FILMS 518(19), 5525-5529 (2010).

  22. "SERS of Insoluble Synthetic Organic Pigments Employing Calixarenes as Dispersive Cavitands: Application to Quinacridone Quinone".
    C. Domingo, E. del Puerto, S. Sánchez-Cortés, J.V. García-Ramos.
    AIP CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS 1267, 143-144 (2010).

  23. "Vibrational Characterization and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Detection of Beta-Agonists used in Sport Doping".
    S. Sanchez-Cortes, I. Izquierdo-Lorenzo, J. V. Garcia-Ramos, C. Domingo.
    AIP CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS 1267, 210-211 (2010).

  24. "SERS+MEF of the anti tumoral drug emodin adsorbed on silver nanoparticles".
    P. Sevilla, R. de LLanos, C. Domingo, S. Sánchez-Cortés, J.V. García-Ramos.
    PLASMONICS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE VII, T. Vo-Dinh, J.R. Lakowicz Eds., Proc. SPIE 7577, 757714 (2010).

  25. "Plasmas fríos moleculares en el universo y en el laboratorio" .
    I. Tanarro.
    REVISTA ESPAÑOLA DE FISICA 24, 16-19 (2010) .

  26. "Raman techniques applied to Cultural Heritage objects".
    C. Domingo.
    Procc. COST D42 WG2 Meeting, Madrid, March 2010, 2pp.

  27. "Aplicaciones de la espectroscopía SERS (Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering) a la detección de pigmentos orgánicos naturales en objetos del Patrimonio Cultura".
    C. Domingo, M.V. Cañamares, Z. Jurasekova, E. del Puerto, S. Sánchez-Cortés, J.V. García-Ramos.
    In “Plasmónica: detección sobre nanoestructuras metálicas", P. Sevilla (Ed.), Sociedad Española de Óptica. Madrid 2010. pp. 197-230.
    ISBN: 978-84-693-2183-6.

  28. "Laboratory models for ices in comet nuclei".
    R. Escribano, O. Gálvez, B. Mate and V.J. Herrero.
    In “Advances in Geosciences”, Vol. 19, “Planetary Sciences”, Ed. Anil Bhardwaj, World Scientific Publishing Company, (2010).

  29. "Spectroscopy of the Atmospheres" .
    Editores: R. Escribano, I. Tanarro.
    EDITORIAL CSIC (2010) . ISBN: 978-84-00-09209-2.

  30. "Detection of Persistent Organic Pollutants using SERS sensors based on organically functionalized Ag nanoparticles ".
    L. Guerrini, P. Leyton, M. Campos-Vallette, C. Domingo, J.V. Garcia-Ramos, S. Sanchez-Cortes.
    In “Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy- Analytical and Life Science Applications”, S. Schlücker Ed, Wiley (2010). pp. 103-127.
    ISBN: 9783527325672.

  31. "Introduction to the Atmosphere".
    Víctor J. Herrero.
    In “Spectroscopy of the Atmospheres”, R. Escribano and I. Tanarro Eds.
    (CSIC, Madrid 2010).
    ISBN: 978-84-00-09209-2.

  32. "Photochemistry of the Atmosphere".
    Víctor J. Herrero.
    In “Spectroscopy of the Atmospheres”, R. Escribano and I. Tanarro Eds.
    (CSIC, Madrid 2010).
    ISBN: 978-84-00-09209-2.

  33. "Spectroscopic Techniques".
    Isabel Tanarro.
    In “Spectroscopy of the Atmospheres”, R. Escribano and I. Tanarro Eds.
    (CSIC, Madrid 2010).
    ISBN: 978-84-00-09209-2.