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Publications 2008

1. "Low_temperature inelastic collisions between hydrogen molecules and helium atoms", Journal of Chemical Physics 128. 224308 (2008). G. Tejeda, F. Thibault, J.M. Fernandez, and S. Montero.

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9. "In situ detection of flavonoids in weld dyed wool and silk textiles by Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering"
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13. "Vibration-rotation-torsion analysis of the high resolution infrared spectrum of C2H6 between 1330 and 1610 cm-1: The v6, v8, v4+v12, 2v4+v9 interacting system and hot transitions from v4 to v4+v8" , Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 248, 134-145 (2008). F. Lattanzi, C. di Lauro, and J. van der Auwera.

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