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Based on the combination of steady supersonic jets and state-of-the-art Raman spectroscopy with very high spatial resolution, we study the collisions of small molecules like H2, O2, CO, N2 and H2O and collisions of some of them with H2 and He, at low temperature (form 5 to 50 K) to determine the state-to-state rate coefficients for the rotationally inelastic collisions. These rates are important in Astrophysics for proper modeling the large regions of interstelar medium and planetary atmospheres that are out of thermodynamic equilibrium.

In collaboration with the groups of J. Campos (IFF-CSIC) y J. Cernicharo (ICMM-CSIC).

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We study the homogeneous condensation of small molecules like H2, D2, CO2, and H2O in supersonic gas jets, to determine the nucleation conditions, growth kinetics, and structure of small clusters (dimers, trimers, etc.). The Raman measurements are complemented by Rayleigh scattering measurements. We also try to observe experimentally the predicted superfluid state in pH2 clusters.

In collaboration with D. Levin (Penn State U.).


We have studied the crystallization of undercooled liquid microjets of pH2, oD2, and their mixtures, at temperatures between 10 and 20 K. We have measured the crystal growth rates, and the slow-down effect of impurities in the crystallization kinetics of the mixtures. These experiments are extended to H2O filaments to try to observe highly undercooled water in the so called "no-man's land".

In collaboration with group of R. Grisenti (U. Frankfurt).

Ongoing and recent Grants:

Static and dynamic characteriztion of atmospheric CO2: a contribution to better climate models. (TED2021-129619B-I00).
Funding Institution: AEI-MICINN (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)

Advanced Raman diagnostics: microfluidics, molecular collisions and non-equilibrium processes. (PID2021-123752NB-I00).
Funding Institution: AEI-MICINN (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)

ATMOS. Pollutants and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere - Understanding gas-gas and gas-solid interactions towards a cleaner atmosphere. (H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019-872081).
Funding Institution: European Horizon 2020. Marie Curie Actions

Planetary Atmospheres in the Laboratory: Quantifying the Energy Transfer Processes by Molecular Collisions. (FIS2017-84391-C2).
Funding Institution: MINECO (Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness)

Experimental study of molecular interactions: water, hydrogen and oxygen. (FIS2013-48275-C2).
Funding Institution: MINECO (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness)

Gas and Dust from the Stars to the Laboratory: Exploring the NanoCosmos. (ERC-2013-SyG-610256).

Experimental-theoretical study of molecular collisions and condensation: from gas phase to liquid hydrogen microjets. (FIS2010-22064-C02).
Funding Institution: MICINN (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)

Molecular Astrophysics: The Herschel and ALMA Era(CSD2009-00038).
Funding Institution: MICINN (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation), CONSOLIDER-INGENIO 2010 Program.

Investigation of Superfluidity in highly Supercooled para-Hydrogen by means of Inelastic Light Scattering(HD2008-0068).
Funding Institution: MICINN (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)

Molecular Collisions of Astrophysical and Atmospheric Interest(FIS2007-61430).
Funding Institution: MEC (Spanish Ministry of Science and Education)