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At present, the Laboratory of Molecular Fluid has two complete instruments for jet diagnostics by Raman spectroscopy, developed over the last twenty years, whose performance and flexibility are unique worldwide. One (A) is dedicated to produce gas and liquid jets form cryogenic nozzles, and the other (B) to produce gas jets out of liquid substances from hot nozzles.

The most relevant components of these instruments are:

Two home-made expansion chambers, specially designed for Raman spectroscopy of gas and liquid microjets.

Cryogenic and heated sources for producing supersonic jets, with nozzles from 2 micron up to 1 mm, and thermal range from 14 K to 1000 K.

Two high-resolution (< 1 cm-1) spectrometers in the visible, equipped with cryocooled high-sensitivity CCD detectors.

Two cryogenic (<20 K) catalytic ortho-para converters for producing pure para-hydrogen flows.

Two high-power (>10 W) CW lasers in the green-blue visible spectrum.

Two high-throughput (>2000 liter/s) turbomolecular pumps, backed by Roots blowers and rotary pumps.

Several closed-cycle helium cryocoolers.

Two metal-diaphragm (clean) gas compressors, up to 120 bar.

Mass-flow controllers for gases, and a controlled evaporator-mixer for water, for the production of accurate gaseous mixtures.

Instrument A

Instrument B