Other Activities


  • José Pablo Fonfría Expósito.
    “Astrofísica Molecular: Caracterización de Envolturas Cincumestelares y Procesos Colisionales en el Laboratorio”  Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2009.
    Supervisor(s): Salvador Montero Martín and José Cernicharo Quintanilla.

    Gustavo Avila Blanco.
    "Espectroscopía Raman de  Rotación-Vibración de Algunas Moléculas de Interés: H2O, D2O , HDO, (CO2)2 y (N2)2". Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2004.
    Supervisor: Salvador Montero Martín

    Angel Ramos Gallardo.
    “Procesos de Intercambio Energético en Expansiones Supersónicas: Estudio por Espectroscopía Raman”. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2001.
    Supervisor: Salvador Montero Martín

    Guzmán Tejeda Gala.
    “Un espectrómetro Raman dual de muy alta sensibilidad”. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1997.
    Supervisor: Salvador Montero Martín

    María Belén Maté Naya.
    “Caracterización de expansiones supersónicas mediante espectroscopía Raman”. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1997.
    Supervisor: Salvador Montero Martín

    Juan Hernández Morilla.
    “Espectroscopía Raman de agregados de H2 molecular". Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, (foreseen in 2015).
    Supervisor: José Ma. Fernández Sánchez

Teaching, Training, and Outreach

Our group have been involved since 2005 in the courses “Técnicas espectroscópicas e instrumentación” (Spectroscopy techniques and instrumentation) and “Experimentación avanzada con láseres” (Advanced experiments with lasers) within the PhD and Master Programs «Láseres y Espectroscopía Avanzada en Química», taught by several experimented groups in Chemical Physics from 12 Spanish Universities and CSIC. The Program was distinguished with a “Mención de Calidad” by the Spanish Ministry of Education (MEC), an award recognizing the excellence and quality of teaching.

Several undergraduate and PhD students from European Universities have been trained in our laboratory as part of their graduate theses or courses (A. Punge, Würzburg 2004; P. Zielke, Göttingen 2005; F.X. Hardy, Rennes 2007; M. Kühnel, Frankfurt 2009-2012; C. Goy, Frankfurt 2014; S. Bajic, Toulouse, 2022-2023).

Our group contributes regularly to the IEM “Introduction to Research Courses”, the Science's Week, and other activities of the like, for students as well as for the general public.

Scientific publications are uploaded to the open access institutional repository .