Dept. Física Macromolecular
Instituto de Estructura de la Materia

Poster Contributions (In alphabetic order)
1. Abdelilah Alla
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d’Enginyeria Química
Combined WAXS and SAXS Real-Time Study of Phase Transitions in Comb- like ionic complexes of biosynthetic polypeptides and polyesters
2. Fiorenza Azurri
University of Genova. Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
SAXS-WAXS investigation of the trigonal modification in C3/C5 random copolymers
3. Francisca Barceló
University of the Balearic Islands. Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine, Health Sciences Research Institute, Department of Biology.
X-ray diffraction in the study of membrane structure-modifying lipids and membrane proteins-lipid interactions
4. MariCruz García-Gutierrez
Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC
Influence of Shear on the Templated Crystallization of Poly(butylene terephthalate)/Single Wall Carbon NanotubeNanocomposites
5. Jaime J. Hernández
Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC
Nanostructured Polymer Surfaces by Spin coating: A Combined Study by Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM) and Grazing Incidence Small Angle X-ray Scattering (GISAXS)
6. Ralf Kleppinger
DSM - Research. Structural Analysis and Morphology Group
Changes in mesoscopic arrangement of physical gels in response to shear and deformation as revealed by synchrotron experiments
7. Mohammed Naffakh
CSIC. Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros
Use Of Inorganic Fullerene-Like Ws2 To Produce Advanced Polymer Nanocomposites: Study Of Crystallization Behaviour By Dsc And Timeresolved Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction
8. Ulrich Nöchel
University of Hamburg. Institute TMC
Oriented crystallization and melting of polypropylene. Structure formation and its mechanism
9. Aurora Nogales
Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC
Layered Structure In Main Chain Dibenzo-18-Crown-6 Ether Polymers By Simultaneous WAXS/MAXS-SAXS/DSC And By GISAXS Measurements
10. Marco Pieruccini
CNR Istituto per i Processi Chimico-Fisici
A tentative scheme for describing recrystallization in cold-crystallized PET
11. Jordi Puiggali
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Departament d'Enginyeria Química
Non-Isothermal crystallization of Poly(hydroxybutyric acid-alt-glycolic acid) studied by DSC and real time synchrotron SAXS/WAXD  
12. Tsvetan Vassilev
Institute of Physical Chemistry "Rostislaw Kaischew" Bulg. Acad. Sci.
Fast Dynamics of Reversible Crystallization and Melting of Polymers : A Combined Photoacoustic DSC Investigation. 

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