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Publicaciones 2009

  • "Generation of CdS clusters using laser ablation: the role of wavelength and fluence"
    J. Alvarez-Ruiz, M. Lopez-Arias, R. de Nalda, M. Martin, A. Arregui, L. Bañares.
    Applied Physics A-Materials Science& Processing 95(3), 681-687 (2009).

  • "Analysis and interpretation of microbial fossils in extreme environment of Dry Valley rocks, Antarctica".
    C. Ascaso, A. De Los Rios, C. Domingo, V. Sousa-Egipsy, J. Wierzchos.
    19th Annual VM Goldschmidt Conference, JUN 21, 2009 Davos, Switzerland.
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73(13), A58-A58 (2009).

  • "Effect of concentration, particle size and the presence of protective coatings in DRIFT spectra of building materials".
    P. Carmona, M.T. Blanco, C. Domingo, S. Martinez-Ramirez.
    Vibrational Spectroscopy 50(2), 312-318 (2009).

  • "Imaging transient species in the femtosecond A-band photodissociation of CH3I".
    J. Durá, R. de Nalda, G. A. Amaral, L. Bañares.
    J. Chem. Phys. 131, 134311 (2009).

  • "Characterization of Two Types of Intermolecular Interactions on Halogen Monoxide Monohydrates.".
    O. Gálvez, P.C. Gómez and L.F. Pacios.
    J. Comp. Chem. 30 (15), 2538-2549 (2009).

  • "Spectroscopic Effects in CH4/H2O Ices".
    O. Gálvez, B. Maté, V.J. Herrero, R. Escribano.
    Astrophysical Journal 703 (2) , 2101-2107 (2009).

  • "Phases of Solid Methanol".
    O. Gálvez, B. Maté, B. Martín-Llorente, V. J. Herrero, R. Escribano.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113(14), 3321-3329 (2009)

  • "Theoretical study of atmospheric clusters: HNO3/HCl/H2O".
    P. C. Gómez, O. Gálvez, and R. Escribano.
    Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys., 11, 9710 (2009).

  • "Self-assembly of a dithiocarbamate calix[4] arene on Ag nanoparticles and its application in the fabrication of surface-enhanced Raman scattering based nanosensors"
    L. Guerrini, J.V. García Ramos, C. Domingo, S. Sánchez-Cortés.
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11(11), 1787-1793 (2009)

  • "Sensing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Dithiocarbamate-Functionalized Ag Nanoparticles by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering"
    L. Guerrini, J.V. García-Ramos, C. Domingo, S. Sánchez-Cortés.
    Analytical Chemistry 81(3), 953-960 (2009).

  • "Nanosensors Based on Viologen Functionalized Silver Nanoparticies: Few Molecules Surface. Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Detection of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Interparticle Hot Spots"
    L. Guerrini, J.V. García-Ramos, C. Domingo, S. Sánchez-Cortés.
    Analytical Chemistry 81(4), 1418-1425 (2009).

  • "Self-assembly of alpha,omega-aliphatic diamines on Ag nanoparticles as an effective localized surface plasmon nanosensor based in interparticle hot spots".
    L. Guerrini, I. Izquierdo-Lorenzo, J.V. Garcia-Ramos, C. Domingo, S. Sanchez-Cortes.
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11(34), 7363-7371(2009).

  • "Cumulative reaction probabilities and transition state properties: A study of the H++H2 and H++D2 proton exchange reactions"
    P. G. Jambrina, F. J. Aoiz, C. J. Eyles, V. J. Herrero, V. S. Rabanos.
    Journal of Chemical Physics 130(18), 184303 (2009).

  • "High-resolution stimulated Raman spectroscopy and analysis of the 2 nu(10) overtone symmetric motion of C2H4"
    M. Lorono, D. Bermejo, M. Rotger, V. Boudon.
    Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 40 (8), 1065-1071 (2009).

  • "Infrared spectra and thermodynamic properties of CO2/methanol ices"
    até, O. Gálvez, V.J. Herrero, R.Escribano.
    Astrophysical Journal 690(1), 486-495 (2009). DOI:10.1088/0004-637X/690/1/486.

  • "Water-Ammonium ices and the elusive 6.85 mu m band"
    B. Mate, O. Galvez, V.J. Herrero, D. Fernandez-Torre, M.A. Moreno, R. Escribano.
    Astrophysical Journal Letters 703(2) , L178-L182 (2009).
  • "Theoretical study on hydrogen-bond effects in IR spectra of high- and low-temperature phases of nitric acid dehydrate."
    . Martín-Llorente, D. Fernández-Torre and R. Escribano.

    Chem.Phys.Chem., 10, 3229 (2009).

  • "Experiments on small (H2)N clusters"
    S. Montero, J.H. Morilla, G. Tejeda and J.M. Fernández.

    European Physical Journal D 52, 31-34 (2009).DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2009-00031-y.

  • "Molecular Optics: Controlling the dipole force."
    J. Ortigoso and M. Rodríguez
    Nature Photonics 3, 685 - 686 (2009).

  • "Lineshape analysis of stimulated Raman spectra of the near-nozzle region of free jet expansions"
    A. Ramos, J. Santos, L. Abad, D. Bermejo, V. J. Herrero, I. Tanarro.
    Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 40 , 1249-1256 (2009) .

  • "Non-equilibrium processes in supersonic jets of N2,H2, and N2+H2 mixtures. I. Zone of silence".
    A. Ramos, G. Tejeda, J. M. Fernández, S. Montero.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 113, 8506-8512 (2009).

  • "Quantum polarization spectroscopy of correlations in attractive fermionic gases"
    T. Roscilde, M. Rodriguez, K. Eckert, O. Romero-Isart, M. Lewenstein, E. Polzik, A. Sanpera.
    New Journal of Physics 11(5), 055041 (2009).

  • "The photodissociation of CH3I in the red-edge of the A-band: Comparison between slice imaging experiments and multisurface wave packet calculations."
    L. Rubio-Lago, A. García-Vela, A. Arregui, G. Amaral, and L. Bañares.
    J. Chem. Phys. 131, 174309 (2009).

  • "Controlled localization of interacting bosons in a disordered optical lattice."
    J. Santos, R.A. Molina, J. Ortigoso and M. Rodríguez.
    Phys. Rev. A 80, 063602-063608 (2009).

  • "Ion energy distributions for the identification of active species and processes in low pressure hollow cathode discharges".
    I. Tanarro, V. J. Herrero.

    Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 18(3): 034007 (2009).

  • "Removal of carbon films by oxidation in narrow gaps: Thermo-oxidation and Plasma-Assisted studies".
    I. Tanarro, J. A. Ferreira, V. J. Herrero, F.L. Tabarés, C. Gómez-Aleixandre.
    Journal of Nuclear Materials, 390-391, 696-700 (2009). DOI:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2009.01.192.

  • "Monitoring the polymerization of silicon-based products for stone conservation".
    M. Alvarez de Buergo, C. Domingo, S. Sánchez-Cortés, R. Fort, J.V. García-Ramos and M. Gomez-Heras.
    Coalition Newsletter 17, 2-6 (2009).

  • "Inelastic Collisions of N2, H2, and H2+He Mixtures in Supersonic Jets by Raman Spectroscopy".
    J. M. Fernández, J. P. Fonfría, A. Ramos, G. Tejeda, S. Montero, and F. Thibault.
    In “RARIFIED GAS DYNAMICS: Proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on Rarified Gas Dynamics”, T. Abe Ed., AIP Conf. Proc. 1084, 571-576 (2009). ISBN: 978-0-7354-0615-5.

  • "Optical Properties of the Atmosphere".
    D. Fernández Torre
    En “Spectroscopy of the Atmospheres” 2009. Editor: R. Escribano. (capítulo 5, pags. 55--61)

  • "Application of models to tropospheric analysis".
    O. Gálvez.
    En “Spectroscopy of the Atmospheres” 2009. Editor: R. Escribano. (capítulo 26, pags. 299--312)

  • "Introduction to the atmosphere".
    "Photochemistry in the atmosphere "
    V. J. Herrero.
    En “Spectroscopy of the Atmospheres” 2009. Editor: R. Escribano. (capitulo 1, pags 1--15)(capitulo 6, pags 63--77)

  • " Physical processes in the atmosphere".
    B. Maté.
    En “Spectroscopy of the Atmospheres” 2009. Editor: R. Escribano. (capitulo 4, pags 47--54)

  • "Raman Spectroscopic Experiments on Boltzmann Collision Integral in Supersonic Jets".
    S. Montero.
    In “RARIFIED GAS DYNAMICS: Proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on Rarified Gas Dynamics”, T. Abe Ed., AIP Conf. Proc. 1084, 3-11 (2009). ISBN: 978-0-7354-0615-5.

  • "Spectroscopic Techniques".
    I. Tanarro.
    En “Spectroscopy of the Atmospheres” 2009. Editor: R. Escribano.(capítulo 8, pags 87-103)