Workshop, 7-8 March 2016


Grounded on CSIC i-link 1027 Project "Astrophysical ices in the lab: a deep look into their structure and physico-chemical properties", between IEM-CSIC and ILTS, Sapporo, Hokkaido University.


The workshop will be focused on the discussion of laboratory ice mixtures of small molecules playing a relevant role in astrochemical and astrobiological processes. These samples are used to model icy particles in cold regions of the Solar system or in the interstellar medium. The main samples of study are mixtures of water, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons or carbonaceous particles, among other species. Other topics to discuss will be chemical reactions performed by irradiation with UV photons, electrons or H atoms, and the generation of new species or the interchange H/D using deuterated isotopes, as well as the theoretical models designed to analyze the results of the experiments.




Conference hall at the IEM-CSIC, Serrano 121, Madrid (Spain)


Access to IEM-CSIC


Thank you and good bye!


The workshop ended on Tuesday 8 March after Prof. Watanabe’s concluding remarks.


Thank you very much for your participation.


We hope you found it interesting and useful, and look forward to seeing you again sometime.



You can download the final list of participants, with email addresses, from here



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