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The amazing advances in medicine and biological sciences have led to an increase of the demand for chemical and structural information of biological Materials. For this reason, the Spectroscopy of biological molecules is an important field in continuous progress that affords important information about the structure and activity. In particular, the optical spectroscopy (vibrational, fluorescence and surface-enhanced techniques) have undergone a great development regarding their application in bioanalysis or imaging of different biological materials (cells, tissues, organs, etc.). The Summer School on Biospectroscopy in Jaca is aimed at offering an updated vision of these modern trends to students and researchers in general interested in the application of different kind of spectroscopy to biological materials.



Jaca Summer School on Biospectroscopy is a long dating meeting addressed mainly to PhD and master students working in the area. Founded in 80’s, is held every two/three years.

2014 Edition

Privileged geographical location of Jaca (Spanish Pyrenees, close to the French border), encouraged us to enlarge the scope of the summer school to French students for the first time in 2014 edition. Our aim is to favour exchanges between our communities in both countries, especially those of young graduates

The School will be organized at the Residence of the University of Zaragoza over three days (morning and afternoon sessions). The program includes nearly ten lectures imparted by outstanding researchers and professors from Spain, France and Italy.  PhD and Master students will have also the opportunity to ask for short oral presentations in afternoon sessions.
Round tables allowing discussion between participants are also scheduled.